Teddy - Chloro and Carry OTS (2) - FeetandSleep
SD (720 x 576) - 5:20 minutes
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Teddy enters the room and a guy sneaks from behind to put a cloth of chloro over her mouth. She moans and her eyes start to roll. She isn't really unconscious but a last fume of chloro makes her fall over the guy's shoulder. She is carried OTS for about a minute and layed down on the couch. The guy calls a fried telling him, that he chloroformed Teddy. While on the phone Teddy wakes up and asks what is going on. The guy tells her what happened and Teddy wants to leave. The guy puts the cloth of chloroform over her mouth again. Teddy becomes weak quite fast and finally she falls over his shoulder once more. She is carried OTS for over a minute and while on the shoulder she wakes up a few times. But everytime she is to weak and she passes out again.

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