Clip: Candy & Chris - Supergirl vs Wonder Woman
SD (768 x 576), 15:00 minutes
paypal price: $7.19

This is not a new clip, only a former one reedited

Wonderwoman talking to her boss on the phone promising to catch Supergirl. But then she is knocked out by Supergirl with a neckchop. After layed down on the couch Supergirl calls her boss telling him, that she got Wonderwoman. Now she gets a neckchop and is uncounscious in Wonderwomans arms. Both knock each other out many times. During the clip her shoes are removed and one can take a look at her bare feet.

There are 2 chloro scenes inside the clip, but I can't offer them at clips4sale. If you have bought the clip there, send me a mail and I will send you the chloro version

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