Clip: Kesia - Supergirl vs Evil Red (1)
SD (768 x 576), 6:38 minutes
paypal price: $3.59

Supergirl in tan pantyhose enters the room and is put to sleep by Evil Red with a nerve pinch to her neck. After waking up, a sleeper gun makes her going down again. Now her boots are removed and her nylon feet are posed to the cam. She wakes up and gets chlorofored this time. The chloro rag is now laid beside her. She wakes up, smelling the chloro, rolls her eyes and falls asleep again. Evil red proofs if she is out with an eyecheck. Supergirl stands up again and gets a hit on her head with a blackjack. She faints backward in the arms of Evil Red and is carried arround. Finally she is laid down on a sofa.

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